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11 May 2012 @ 10:06 pm
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So I was going through screen-caps of The Secret Circle 1x11 "Fire/Ice" and was surprised at how much Phoebe Tonkin actually resembled the model who played Faye on the original covers of the series. My biggest gripe with the casting of Faye Chamberlain for the TV show was that I couldn't buy Phoebe Tonkin as a bad-ass (and I still can't.) Faye is supposed to be someone to be feared; she's out of control and a total manipulator. The CW's Faye is just a little girl pretending to be a bad-ass and that's probably more the writers fault than the actress's---no it is the writers fault because for the first time all season I actually saw a glimpse of book Faye when re-watching the fire scene in "Fire/Ice" and I now know that Phoebe Tonkin does have the ability to be really great as this character, she just needs better material. And just to be clear, I'm not saying that Phoebe's Faye isn't fun to watch; just that she would be more fun if she was written to be scarier. For goodness sake book Faye practically lit Cassie's hair on fire! How much more awesome would this character be on the TV show if she was just as ruthless as she is in the books?

screen-caps from HOTN
coloring by me

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